Dragon Skulls Large – Earth Vibrations

Dragon Skulls Large

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Existing still in other dimensions the skull consciousness of the Dragons is rising within us all.

Invoking our Divine will, Super Natural Powers, Self empowerment, the embodiment of our untamed nature, hidden knowledge, our Wisdom and Strength, Dragons are the Guardians of Life and Treasure. Bringing good luck, good fortune, and knowledge of the deepest oceans and the highest mountains. 

5 only available (will adjust as they sell)

Purple Fluorite- Mind Play , Psychic Protection  Black Obsidian- SOLD.                                            Moss Agate - SOLD.                                                Agate Geode- SOLD.                                            Dragon stone- Courage, Manifestation, Love

These beauties are big, measuring approximately 10 cm long x 5 cm wide x 6 cm high and weighing approximately 360 to 500 grams (1/2kg) each.