Dragon Fly Quartz Crystal Hanger – Earth Vibrations

Dragon Fly Quartz Crystal Hanger

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Light, Bright, and here to make your day sparkle with all things girlie. I love the crispness of the Himalayan Quartz, the freshness and femininity of the Chrysocolla all topped of with the healing peaceful blue rays of light from the Turquoise. Such a pleasant combination. Hang me where ever you need Light and Brightness.

Himalayan Quartz- used by the Sherman’s of the world, evolutionary, adaptability, stimulating, light, understanding, wisdom, self consciousness. 

Chrysocolla- goddess, femininity, surrender, compassion, tolerance, expression, silence, patience, channelling.

Turquoise- earth light, expression, balance, communication, peace, softness. 

Let your Goddess rise and speak when needed or sit and ground your energies in the waves of goddess goodness .

Measuring 37cm long, this hand made by Kaz bespoke one of piece is calling its human , there will only ever be one!  

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