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Desire Primary Energy Incense Sticks

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An extraordinary collection of natural masala incense. Traditionally made with natural resins, Belsome and a unique combination of oil and herbs. Superior incense which burns slowly and the after aroma remains for a long time. Made in India. 15 g per box. Check out the words of  wisdom written on the side of every box.

Desire of the past – ego, Desire of the presence cosmic intelligence. Desire is the primary energy of the supreme intelligence. The vital energy of prana vital breath manifests vitality and intensity. This is the act of living. Desire of the past, or movement of thought, is partial and limited. It creates the movement of ego consciousness. This is the idea of me and you. Desire of the present is the absolute reality. It has a virtual ascendance, the realm of non-duality. In meditation and realisation, the energy of desire is the inbuilt power, vital breath prana, which moves in order and harmony in the present. Under the Nature of ego, the nature of the me and the self, as long as I desire of the past tries to be concerned with its own self improvement and transformation there will be conflict and suffering. Reward is a constant gratification of security. When that is denied there is misery. Ego arising out of interaction with the five senses converts to humility, which is reflected in the form of love and compassion.