Dancing with Nemetona – Earth Vibrations

Dancing with Nemetona

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This inspirational paperback Book, Dancing with Nemetona, is perfect for the now and anybody seeking connection to self, sacred space or the Earth.

Nemetona is an ancient goddess whose song is heard deep within the earth and also deep within the human soul. She is the lady of sanctuary, of sacred groves and Sacred spaces.

She is the present within the home, within our sacred grows, our rites and in all the spaces that we hold dear to our hearts. She also lives within, allowing us to feel at ease where ever we are in the world through her energy of holding, of transformation. She holds the stillness and quiet of a perfect day, she is the stillness at the end of it, when the black bird sings to the dusk. She is the energy of sacred space, where we can stretch out our soul and truly come alive, to be who we wish to be, filled with the magic of potential.

we discovered this ancient goddess and dance with a druid to the songs of Nematoma. Learn how to reconnect with this goddess and ritual, songs, chance, meditation and more.

72 pages.