Crystalline Ascension – Earth Vibrations
Crystalline Ascension

Crystalline Ascension

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Karen holding the vibration of Silver

& following her passion has owned and operated her own Crystal Business now for 18 years and shut the shop front to pursue her passion on a deeper Level .

Karen has studied crystals through several avenues including Crystal Melody from America and Justin Moikeha Asar, the creator of The Liquid Crystals,and her Own time living Life and being alone in Nature with the Elements and the Earth, gathering great tools and knowledge along the way.

In this full day workshop Karen will Share the story of her 8 pointed Star Amulet that was gifted from the Heavens.

Karen will explain and teach her Realization of the Isis Trinity and how it applies to the Crystal Kingdom and Every Day Life.

In this full day workshop Karen Will intuitively pick 8 crystals to complexly explore for the participants attending. Karen cant express how unlimiting, Humbling and Respectful of our Earth/Self this level of attainment can be.

As a group we will explore

- 11 crystals on all layers

- The 4 Cardinal Angels

- The Four Seasons

- The Eight Pointed Star

- How to simply be the Vibration of a Crystal

-Crystal Activation and Healing as a group with the 8 pointed Star Amulet

Please note the availability and dates of this workshop will be advertised on our facebook page or you are welcome to contact Karen Directly on 0415160026

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