Crystal Moon Sun Catcher – Earth Vibrations

Crystal Moon Sun Catcher

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Crystals through vibration create such a wonderful space and energy. What better way to improve the energy in our spaces by using Crystal Hangers.

Looking pretty while working hard for you.

Amethyst - calming, soothing & protective 

Aventurine - encouraging, balancing & shielding

Black Onyx- awareness, grounding & supportive

Carnelian- creative, inspiring & cleansing

Clear Quartz- amplifying, purifying & connecting

Tigers Eye- vitalising, warming, uplifting

Opalite- joyful, playful & peaceful 

Rose Quartz- loving, forgiving & unconditional 

Red Jasper- nurturing, protective & grounding

Yellow Jasper- protective, discerning & warming

These Crystal hangers are gold plated displaying the cutest crescent moon. Hanging aprox 35cm in length. 
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