Crystal Howlite Wind Chime/Hanger – Earth Vibrations

Crystal Howlite Wind Chime/Hanger

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L 39cm x W 4.5cm

HAND Symbol with Multi coloured Beads, Made in India

Bells/Crystals have been used for centuries as a method of cleansing a space of negative energies. Smaller bells/Crystals have the ability to gently uplift the vibration of your space and are a great feng shui tool reminding us to keep our thoughts and beliefs positive. 

Brass bell/Crystal hangers/windchimes make a great positive addition to any home or yard.

Please not most would sell this as Turquoise but it isn't, it is Howlite dyed to look like turquoise.

 Howlite often calms communication and allows us to express our emotions honestly and gently without causing offense. Howlites energy is peaceful and loving so often allows for self reflection and the beginning of deep spiritual beginnings. 

Howlite allows us to reflect on the past, let go of attachment  to our stories and patiently move forward dissolving all anger, rage, facticeousness, criticalness, and selfishness. 

at a physical level Howlite is great for the treatment of calcium level in the the body, bones, teeth, soft tissue, insomnia,and Peacefulness.