Crystal Ankhs – Earth Vibrations

Crystal Ankhs

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These Crystal Ankhs are available in 

Lapis Lazuli - Realization, the mind, thought.

Rose Quartz- unconditional love & Forgiveness.

Yellow Fluorite- positivity & harmony. 

Rainbow Flourite- psychic attack, mental mastery.

Clear Quartz- amplification, clearing, positive.

The Ankh is an ancient symbol being traced back to Ancient Egypt, Ra the Sun God & The Goddess Isis.

Meaning “eternal Life” translating to “ the eye” .

The Ankh, represents life is more than physicality & offers the key to opening the doors to eternal life and the balancing of opposing forces such as the divine feminine & divine masculin.  

Used as an empowerment tool for balance, abundance, power, protection, health, fertility  & unity, it can be worn, place in the home or added to an altar for worship and ceremony. 

Assisting with Meditation, Healing & Spiritual Development. 

Measuring 9cm x 5 cm, please note the rainbow Fluorite are smaller , 8.3 cm x 4.3 cm.