Crocoite – Earth Vibrations


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This Crocoite specimen comes from Tasmania and Measures 4cm in length x 4cm in width x 3cm in height.

Crocoite ranges in colour from yellow, orange to red. it was named back in 1832, and is a greek word meaning saffron. It would be fair to say because of its colour.

Serving the bottom three chakras, base, sacral and solar plexus, Crocoite offers us assistance with transition and change in a non complex and self serving manner. Crocoite can be used in conjunction with other crystals (amethyst, citrine, obsidian) to pass easily from one world to the next, from one dimension to the next.

Assisting with personal power, confidence, sexuality, creativity, the reproductive system, relationships, frigidity, infertility and impotence. 

So if your lacking passion, bored, withdrawn, needing a boost in those bottom three chakras Crocoite is possibly the answer.