Covellite Tumble Stones – Earth Vibrations
Covellite Tumble Stones

Covellite Tumble Stones

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There is something really mystical and alluring in the way these beauties vibrate. To touch they are silky smooth and the colour is the deepest blue and I experienced a pulsing in my jaw and forehead when I held them.

Covellite is a very rare copper sulfide mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, hexagonal crystals, or as a secondary coating over other copper minerals. Finding Covellite in crystal form is extremely rare. This mineral was discovered by Italian mineralogist Niccolo Covelli, who found this mineral at the base of Mount Vesuvius. Unfortunately, he died before the stone could be officially recorded, however it was named in his honor by F.S Beaudant in 1832. The colors of Covellite range from a deep navy blue to a dark purple. Covellite can be found in small amounts all around the world in countries like Italy, Brazil, Austria, Argentina, China, Australia, and the United States. A few mines in Montana have pulled out some of the finest Covellite specimens the world has ever seen. 

Stimulating the third eye to initiate psychic powers, enhancing ones communicational skills and stimulating a positive outlook I now understand the sensations in my jaw and forehead. 

Assisting in transforming conscious dreams into reality, allowing one to maintain humility of spirit and to recognise that energy, properly directed and understood, can bring miracles to one’s life.

Relieving despondency and depression, instilling a constructive approach towards the solution of problems. Supporting gratitude and eliminating aspects of vanity, helping one to understand and appreciate the perfection of “all that is”.

Birth and rebirth Covellite’s gift, be born again, release the past and to be able to see the present without anxiety or disapproval .

Heals emotional wounds, flowers creativity from the ancient realms before Earth. Extremely powerful healer when placed at the Sacral Chakra, purging all negative vibrations, growths, toxins and blockages. Assisting eyes, ears, nose, throat, mouth, mental processes, arthritis, rheumatism, Cymophobia and Hypengyophobia. 

Large Tumble Stones from Italy. Price per item.