Conichalcite & Clear Calcite – Earth Vibrations

Conichalcite & Clear Calcite

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Sparkly, unique & vibrant green this stunning, raw specimen of Conichalcite and Clear Calcite is from the Ojuela Mine Mapimi Durango Mexico. 

The earth releases parts of her light as remedies as humanity needs them, and this beauty is surely needed during these trying times.

Conichalcite is another crystalline structure that unites hearts and minds, yin and yang, divine feminine and divine Masculine, enhancing communication and personal power in a LOVING manner. Giving us strength to flow with change thus creating stability. 

Releasing worry, supporting meditation, stimulating intuition, imagination & adaptation, Conichalcite helps us become conscious of & trust the feelings of being limitless in our abilities. 

Thought before JUDGEMENT, thought before CONCLUSION, Conichalcite applies courage to decision making and speech. Separating reality from non-reality it is the perfect support for mental health issues and clearly differentiating disorders of the mind from spirit.  Severing past life baggage, and or people in this current life who place limitations upon us. 

Supporting the correct function of liver, kidneys, lungs, sinuses, ears, and detoxification. 

Weighs 195grams , measures 8cm x 5cm