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Compassion Love Incense Sticks

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An extraordinary collection of natural masala incense. Traditionally made with natural resins, Balsam and a unique combination of oils and herbs. Superior incense which burns slowly and the after aroma remains for a long time. Check out the words of wisdom that is printed on each box. Each box is 15grams. 

Passion is lust. Compassion is love. Passion is desire. Compassion is desire less Ness. Passion is greed. Compassion is sharing. Passion is excitement. Compassion is cool. Passion is a curse. Compassion is a blessing. Passion means we are slaves. Compassion means we are our own masters. Passion is the seed. Compassion is the flower. Servants of the people are mischievous. The world has suffered too much from the servants because their service is desire masked as compassion, and desire can never be compassionate. Compassion is not kindness. Kindness is not compassion. Kindness is an ego driven attitude. It strengthens our egos. When we feel kind to somebody full, we feel that we have the upperhand and there is a deep insult behind it. We are humiliating each other and we feel happy in this humiliation. Kindness appears only on the surface of compassion. Compassion is a bondage release from all passion. Compassion is unmotivated. Kindness Is a cultivated attitude. Kindness is cunning and calculated. Kindness is self-centred, selfish and egotistic. compassion is an under calculated flowering, flowing. Compassion is still and silent. Kindness is active and noisy. Compassion comes from existence, from the organic wholeness. Kindness comes from me. Kindness is something that me does. Compassion is coming from the cosmic intelligence. Kindness strengthens the ego.