Clear Quartz Twin Clusters – Earth Vibrations

Clear Quartz Twin Clusters

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These A grade Twin Clear Quartz Clusters have a crispy bright vibration, leaving you feeling fresh and light.

Excellent Quality with most specimens throwing rainbows and displaying etching and other formations like double termination, bridge, activation points, self healed, record keepers, keys & Transmitters.

Twins build relationships on ALL levels, encouraging Soulmate encounters. Promoting love gives freedom.

A. Twin Cluster with etching and  “the five formation” ( 5 sided face) remover of bad luck, protection, knowledge, honesty and integrity, romance, friendship. 

B. SOLD….Twin Cluster with etching and Transmitter formation supporting the 3 forces of personal improvement, personal creativity, and  personal manifestation. 

C. Twin Cluster with etching, barnacles but is also a Manifestation Quartz displaying a bridge formation. This little power house means business. Barnicles-knowledge, bridge-joining timelines, places and people. The etching is off tap. It is also displaying several transmitter formation, see specimen B info.

D. SOLD…… Twin Quartz with etching, bridge, massive key  (unlocks doorways), double termination (energy flows both ways) and Fadden formation (attunement between self and another, astro travel) with a left activation point (left brain function). Ummm sensational.

E. SOLD ….Twin Quartz with etching and several transmitting points and one of the main crystal faces contains some really unique coding, I have marked it with an arrow on a sticker and I would encourage the person drawn to this piece to sit in nature with it, preferably near some form of mountain or body of water to receive the encryption. A magnificent specimen. It is also self healed. 

F. SOLD… Twin Quartz with etching, coding, transmitters and a face displaying record keepers. Another serious power house, that I highly recommend it’s human spend some quality time in nature with, this baby is about to open everything and down load you up with some real magic. BAZINGA baby. 

These incredible specimens where found at a reasonable price so in true Kaz style are being sold at a reasonable price, hope you enjoy them as much as I do .