Clear Gypsum (laser etched) – Earth Vibrations

Clear Gypsum (laser etched)

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These stunning Clear Gypsum Slices are such a statement and would make an awesome centre piece for any grid system one wanted to create.

Gypsum is the perfect vibration for when life is happening to quickly. Progression is strengthened and stagnation eliminated.

Purification with the purest white light is its role. Assisting in cord retrieval, crown activation and Earth Work via the elements and directions. 

Considered the “lucky” stone it has had a strong influence for bringing good fortune. 
Use in rainmaking ceremonies by indigenous tribes by throwing the Gypsum into the Air. 

Physically it is said to assist in strengthening bones, elasticity of skin and tissue, and supporting fertility. 

Each piece has it own unique fibrous patterning and shape. Approximately measuring 12 cm in width x 12 cm in height x 1 cm in thickness.