Citrine Sphere XL – Earth Vibrations

Citrine Sphere XL

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Throwing the most incredible display of rainbows this stunning and genuine Citrine (not heat treated Amethyst) sphere is big bold and beautiful. She throws so many different perspectives your way as you gaze into her magnificence. To sit with the energy of this beauty is an absolute privilege. Vibrating outwardly great abundance and drawing in all that needs to be transmuted into a higher frequencies. 

Weighing well over the kilo, almost 1 and a half in fact, 1.444kg with a circumference of 32.5 cm, similar to the size of a very large orange. 

Citrine the stone of Abundance does not hold negative energy, it transmutates it into a higher more positive vibration.

Often referred to as the merchants stone it is recommended you place one of these beauties in the Abundance corner of your home, cash box or purse. 

Citrine emits a comforting, warming, vibrant energy that is motivating, empowering and activating.

Citrine has the ability to open, cleanse and enhance every chakra especially the solar plexus and sacral. 

She brightens the darkest corner of ones reality allowing us laughter without restraint. Needing a fresh new start then citrine is calling you.

Be sure to see our video of her on our Insta page .