Citrine & Red Aventurine Ganesha Pendant – Earth Vibrations

Citrine & Red Aventurine Ganesha Pendant

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L x 7cm x W x 3cm x H x 1.5cm

Set in sterling Silver 925.

Put Simply this Pendent brings the Abundance of what ever is needed for the Individual to become the best/unlimited version of Self...

Citrine the stone of Abundance does not hold negative energy, in fact it transmutates it into a higher more positive vibration. Often referred to as the merchants stone it is recommended you place one of these beauties in the Abundance corner of your home, cash box or purse. 

Citrine emits a comforting, warming, vibrant energy that is motivating, empowering and activating. Citrine has the ability to open, cleanse and enhance every chakra especially the solar plexus and sacral. 

She brightens the darkest corner of ones reality allowing us laughter without restraint. Needing a fresh new start then citrine is calling you.

Great for the thyroid, circulation, eyes, digestion, thymus activation, self confidence, personal power, responsibility, abundance and self worthiness.

Please note these pieces are Natural Citrine and not heat treated Amethyst.

Aventurine is here to teach us to let go of fear, to trust our divine potential and to step into our unlimited selves. Connection of our intellectual, emotional, energetic, and physical bodies happens when we work with Aventurine.

Balances the Yin and Yang, reinforces decisiveness and allows us to step into our leadership qualities. Such an Empowering Gift. Aventurine belongs in city 10 on the Tree of Life representing grounding and connection to all that is so we can comfort, sooth, heal and return to our true innocence.

Ganesha is the remover of Obstacles.