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Cinnabar Raw Specimen Lge

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These large natural raw specimens of Cinnabar are growing in a Rock Quartz Matrix, weighing between 105 to 225 grams and measures approximately 10 x 7 cm, some smaller, some larger .

Cinnabar is known as the merchant stone, it is said that by placing a Cinnabar crystal in one’s cash box, purse or abundance corner it will help in the acquisition of wealth and also help one maintain a state of wealth.

Bestowing an appealing and elegant demeanor to oneself, boosting self-confidence and ones “giving” qualities, including giving to ones self .

Boosting our assertiveness, persuasiveness and fluency while removing aggression. 

Connecting us to source Cinnabar encourages acceptance and that indeed everything is “OK” 

Excellent for removing energy blockages and supporting alignment of the Chakra System.

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