Chlorite Quartz & Iolite Macrame Necklace – Earth Vibrations

Chlorite Quartz & Iolite Macrame Necklace

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Often Abundance is limited by programming and beliefs, with that in mind I set to weaving this little pretty, I have named her The Abundance Buster!!!

Combining Quartz, Chlorite and Iolite we are going to remove, rid, detox, heal all limiting on all levels and layers around Abundance .....

Himalayan Quartz is also known as Alpine Quartz and is a stone of the Sharmans, used for the total understanding of illness and healing.

Ancient, Royal and Regal she shines light and brightness into everything and everyone. Clearing, Amplifying, up Lifting Quartz purifies all it vibrates upon.

Weather worn, carried or placed in ones environment Quartz with force, warmth, and brilliance will attune to the energy of the one to whom it is connected.

Activating all energy centers, clearing all meridians, working with Mind, Body and Spirit Clear Quartz is truly needed by all of us. 

This piece also contains Chlorite

Chlorite is also a powerful healing mineral that carries a very positive vibration.

Removing cord attachments, implants and negative programs Chlorite will fill the void with a positive vibration ensuring a swift recovery. 

Chlorite is also said to stimulate the inspiration of how to & obtain financial abundance, placing of this mineral in your purse, abundance corner of your home, business, office or studio is a wise choice. 

The bead is Iolite and is perfect for activating the third eye. Stimulating visions, intuition and powerful medicine for painless change and growth. Balancing and ensuring harmony, responsible money management, eliminating debt and toxins.

Lovingly hand made by Kaz and Reiki blessed. 
Adjustable length . Material Dyed Cotton.