Chiastolite Tumble Stone – Earth Vibrations

Chiastolite Tumble Stone

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Chiastolite is a know form of Andalusite (directive 5 start child crystal). Andalusite's purpose is True Intentions. Linking the Solar Plexus to the Earth Star chakra and allowing courage and personal power to continue while growing, healing and journeying through the experience of Self sacrifice.

Commonly known as the cross stone or the Evil Eye Stone Chiastolite is the perfect stone for transmuting lower vibrations and disharmony into a more harmonious unlifting vibration. The perfect stone for gridding or placing above doorways to the home.

Such a complex stone with multitudes on offer Chiastolite is known to be great for crossing over, safe passage, deflecting evil, Maintenance of spirituality during illness, mind travel, problem solving, answers to mysterious occurrences, creativity, balance, practicality, fevers, self doubt, temper tantrums, violent outbursts, blood, bone marrow, chromosome damage, secretion of milk, adrenal glands, breathe and the brain.