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Chevron Amethyst Flat Tumbles

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These Chevron Amethyst flats are perfect for macrame necklaces, gridding and or wearing. A great quality displaying good quality with a Cool silky smooth texture.

Chevron Amethyst is the strongest stone for stimulating and activating the third eye chakra. Allowing visions into unknown realms within self and the exterior worlds.

Facilitating Aura cleansing, Aura healing, Aura visions and Aura interpretations. Laying Chevron on any or all the chakras will release tension from the chakra and re energise those that have been stagnant.

Emanating warmth and the purity of love within ones being,, allowing for the inner self evaluation and evolution. Assisting in perceptible manifestation, imaginable problem solving, resolution and universal love, this shielding stone is highly desirable.

Bringing the knowledge and pathways of spiritual healing if further helps one to accept the unseen forces at play.

Creating Unity of all religions, of all Men and Women, of all Existence!!!!!

Releasing resistance, increasing cooperation, balance, supports the sympathetic nervous system, eliminating headaches and pain, boosting the immune system, fights viral disease, supports the lungs, intestines, pancreas, thymus and liver.

These flats are around the size of a 50c piece, some larger and some a bit smaller.