Charoite Ring – Earth Vibrations

Charoite Ring

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This scrumptious Charoite Ring Holds the varying purple and indigo colour rays & is excellent quality. Set in Sterling Silver and is a size 11. 

I have a fun way to understand the energy of this gem.

Imagine all the Black & Orange tigers hanging out in the jungle having cups of tea. Then a pure white tiger walks in among them. All the black tigers start looking at him and whisper to each other, when finally one of the black tigers gets the courage to walk up to him and say "your white". The white tiger throws his hand bag over his shoulder picks up his tea, gives the black tiger a wink and as his struts his magical white butt out the door as everyone looks on he announces with his head held high " yer I Know".... This moment is the vibration of Charoite, the confidence and love of self to be who you are & to be fully at peace with knowing you belong even though your very different.

Charoite is a sacred stone that connects us to our Akashic records to understand and view soul contracts. To bring stability and confidence to self, to walk our souls chosen path without the influence of others. 

Great for Heart and Crown Chakras, Star children, Autism, bipolar, courage, stamina, pancreas, liver, general aches and pains.