Carnelian Polished Freeform – Earth Vibrations

Carnelian Polished Freeform

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This warming, excellent quality polished freeform Carnelian is silky smooth to touch and displays a full range of different shades of orange. Weighing 385.9 grams, measuring 8.5cm H x 9 cm W x 20 cm C.

Carnelian is known as the stone of creativity, fully empowering and influencing the lower 3 chakras, especially the sacral Chakra.

It is a stone to protect us against envy, fear, jealousy and rage. Banishing sorrow and sadness from our emotional bodies allowing us to be more confident and joyful. 

Dispelling laziness, boredom, confusion, self doubt, and  tiredness Carnelian will leave us feeling confident, independant and highly creative and trusting self. 

Powerfully aiding us in all situations or times of abuse. 

Compassionately Influential on the reproductive system, fertility and sexuality. 

Carnelian is also connected to the energies of tantra, encouraging touch and the joining of breathe and hearts between couples.

Combining Carnelian, Chlorite and Ruby protects one from psychic attack and can assist in earth bound spirits leaving an area. Gridding with this combination will stop those negative energies from returning.

On a physical vibration it has been said that carnelian is good for the spine, spleen, gallstones, pancreas, neuralgia, pollen allergies, colds, fertility and sexual function.