Candle Quartz – Earth Vibrations

Candle Quartz

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These Candle Quartz are so fresh, displaying rainbows and pockets of pure clarity. Weighing between 342 grams to 453 grams & measuring an average length of 15 cm in length x 7 cm in width.

Candle Quartz are for the luminaries of this Earth, providing thought  transmission with in the physical realm and between the luminaries of other worlds. Having the intent to contact a specific realm is not necessary, the Crystal will choose a specific realm that is necessary for your highest good or humanities highest good. The information given is always to benefit the development of mankind.

Candle Quartz is also an important stone for providing insight into the significance of the physical body as a vehicle for lessons to be learned during each lifetime. It produces a realization of the damage that one consciously allows to occur to the physical body and helps one to be more in control of rising above such behaviors, patterns, cycles, & the fulfillment of Negative self-fulfilling prophecy’s.

Tranquilizing, clarifying, she is the stone to remove/master the shadowy side of self, increasing sensitivity, confidence, benevolence and the appreciation of grace.

Assisting in Carbohydrate conversion, the proper flow of insulin to the bloodstream, strengthening the entire anatomy, the absorption of nutrients, and an increase circulatory flow to the muscular tissue, headaches and in the repair of physical damage that has impacted the physical body.