Brass Singing Bowl – Earth Vibrations

Brass Singing Bowl

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Each bowl comes with a wooden & felt stick.

This large Orange Brass Singing bowl weighs 1.449 kilos and measures 23cm in width, 12.5cm in height and 74cm in circumference. 

On A vibrational level we are always communicating with each other and our environment, Singing bowls through sound and vibrations have an incredible way of bringing healing to us, some of those benefits can be

1. Reduces stress and anxiety significantly.

2. Lowers anger and blood pressure.

3. Improves circulation and increases blood flow.

4. Deep relaxation and pain relief.

5. Chakra balancing.

6. Increases mental and emotional clarity.

7. Promotes stillness, happiness and well being.

8. Dissipates negative energies, blockages and vibrations

9. A general sense of uplifting, inspirational, and positive energy.

10. Improvements in mental health.

11. Effective in pain therapy.

12. Increases in oxygen levels in the bloodstream.

13. Stimulates and boosts the immune system.

14. Promotes the release of the happiness hormones – endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.

15. Calms and focuses the mind for meditation, relaxation and or healing.