Botswana Agate Unisex Bracelets – Earth Vibrations

Botswana Agate Unisex Bracelets

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Warm & Earthy these unisex stretch Botswana Agate Buddha bracelets are silky smooth to touch. Made for easy wearing and will fit all sizing by being stretchy. One available of each colour, Silver, Gold, Brass and Bronze only. These are 10mm beads, and have been loving hand made by Kaz. 

Botswana Agate activating the crown chakra can encourage the abilities to connect with those that reside in the spirit world strengthening future vision, detachment to the material world and promotes fidelity to self, others and intimate relationships. 

In older times agate was added to cooking or water to promote wellness from illness and to prevent the infestation of spiders. 

Agate is great for Breathe, Addictions, balance, illness, identifying choices, depression, stress and the nervous system.