Blue Goldstone Pendulums – Earth Vibrations

Blue Goldstone Pendulums

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These Blue Goldstone Pendulums are finished with a moon & star. Tune in as the day ends, as the moon rises, as the stars come out to play to find your inner answers from the day.

Blue Goldstone with its sparkle are the bringer of courage, strength and foresight.

Beautiful in appearance and potent in its magic blue gold stone can help in accomplishing the hardest of goals and the wildest dreams. 

Discernment, authenticity, passion and the removal of cords are also gifted by the wearing of this sparkle stone that resembles the night sky.

Goldstone is a man made stone and one of the minerals used is copper hence its soothing healing capabilities. Known for settling upset digestive systems, arthritis, and any condition that contains inflammation and pain.