Blue Fluorite Tower – Earth Vibrations

Blue Fluorite Tower

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Excellent Quality, these Large Blue Fluorite towers display the most gorgeous blue rays and project a clean, crisp, powerful energy.

Blue Fluorite is brilliant for stimulating clear, concise communication skills, within not only the physical realm but the outer realms.

Helping the mind to have orderly, sequential thoughts and promoting record keeping. 

A calming energy not only on one's self but those around you and the Earth, yes that's right the Earth. Repairing the ozone layer, and the stratospheric layer of the Earth, Blue Fluorite is Perfect for Planetary awareness and Global Meditations.

Encouraging us all to brave the unknown, acting as a catalyst for change and personal growth, enabling you to go beyond what is remembered. 

Fresh, Spontaneous decision making, instilling trust, ones highest good and courage Blue Fluorite allows us to be the best versions of ourselves in every moment.

It is said to assist with fatigue, ears, eyes, throat, sinus, body temperature, lungs, lubrication of joints, cells, muscles, weakness, inflammation, dexterity, chemistry, alchemy and healing.

Weight 351.4

Height 12.5 cm x width 4.5cm x 3cm

Seriously the pictures do not do them justice, they are breathtaking.

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