Blue Calcite Natural Freeform XL – Earth Vibrations

Blue Calcite Natural Freeform XL

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Soothing, calming Blue Calcite is a gentle stone which helps to quiet the mind and lifts your thoughts to a higher vibration resulting in Positive thoughts and actions. Blue calcite is a communication stone and It works with the throat chakra to improve your communication, especially when you need to express your emotions & feelings.

This stone is beneficial to those who suffer from anxiety. Carry a piece with you to bring in peace and place a nice specimen in your most used room to bring in serenity. 

Blue Calcite assists in relaxation and recuperation. This stone dissolves pain on all levels. It removes stress and releases emotions. Blue Calcite absorbs energy, filters it, then returns it to assist in the gentlest manner. Blue Calcite is also know for assisting 3rd eye chakra development enhancing, calm channeling, visions, Clair audience, Clair voyance, Claire cognizance and Claire Augustence. 

This specimen is high quality weighing 2.342 kgs and measuring W 18cm x H 16 cm x L x 13cm