Black Tourmaline Towers – Earth Vibrations

Black Tourmaline Towers

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Black Tourmaline is used to repel and to protect against negativity on all levels. Lets think and feel into this for a moment. When we think about protection we imagine a shield of energy around us protecting us but now lets feel it.

When you feel Black Tourmaline you have the understanding that, that warm protected space comes from within you and vibrates outwardly to shield us and in my opinion this is the real gift of Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline increases our vitality, emotional stability, intellectual acuity, self trust and helps maintain ones spirit even in awful situations. Connecting the base chakra (fight or flight) to the centre of the Earth for connection, stability and grounding. 

Black Tourmaline is perfect for Protection, Security, trust, confidence, personal power, inner light, panic and stress, anxiety, disorientation, arthritis, dyslexia, lower back, base chakra, fear and kundalini energy.

Measuring 9 to 12 cm tall and weighing 70 to 90 grams. 8 polished sides. 

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