Black Obsidian, Lava Bead and Ankh Bracelet – Earth Vibrations

Black Obsidian, Lava Bead and Ankh Bracelet

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These Black Obsidian Bracelets have been lovingly Hand Made and Reiki Blessed by Kaz.

Black Obsidian sits in the halls of Shambala and acts as a vessel of true self reflection.

Some may consider her seeking truth of the self to be brutal, but my personal experience has been one of gentleness and kindness. There is great freedom and peacefulness found when we find the courage to be who we truly are, unconditionally.

Encouraging us to face our fears and shadows Obsidian is truly a powerful vibration not to be under estimated.

Grounding, Protective, Truthful, and Transforming Obsidian can encourage us to remember lifetimes spent in Ancient Egypt, Atlantis, Mayan and American Indian lifetimes. 

Activating the Kundalini, channelling and possible Psychic Abilities. 

Connecting us all to the Brotherhood of Humanity, dispelling the concept of being separated and allowing us the courage to create a life we would love to live.  

Please note there are Lava Beads included so you can apply essential oils if so desired.