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Black Agate Seahorse Bracelets

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Stunningly simple, these black agate seahorse bracelets go with everything.

Black Agate tends to produce an energy which will allow for insight into one’s deepest concerns and or fears. Determining the depth of any situation to assess the reason for actions or reactions behind any situation.

It has been successfully used in the Gateless Gate, in the completion of the entire process from ridding the self of self limiting beliefs to, and through, the actualization and manifestation of that which one desires. 

Black Agate can be used in assisting one in dream interpretation, to determine the basis of the dream and to apply the conclusion to one’s life.

On a physical level black agate has been used in the treatment of bruises to alleviate the soreness and to assist in the disappearance. It has also been used to stimulate eyesight and to relieve the internal pressure which is affecting the eyes

These 8mm Black Agate seahorse Bracelets Have been lovingly handmade by kaz and Reiki blessed.

 Each bracelet is stretchy and one size fits all.