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Baking Soda for Health

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100 amazing and unexpected uses for sodium bicarbonate by Britt Brandon.

Discovering the power of baking soda! Baking soda has been a kitchen stable for generations, but it uses extend far beyond leavening cookies and deodorising refrigerators.

It’s alkaline properties make baking soda the perfect all natural solution to numerous health and beauty needs. But there’s more it can even provide all natural relief for common elements!

Baking soda for health provides 100 all natural solutions for help, boost immunity, minimises migraines, Brightens skin and Whitens teeth, eases allergies, Aids post workout recovery and relieves ulcer pain. With baking soda for help you’ll discover all the benefits this all natural powder can bring without dangerous chemicals or costly procedures.

Paper back 124 pages

Britt Brandon is a certified personal trainer and a certified fitness and nutrition specialist, health coach and author.