Bahia Amethyst Wand – Earth Vibrations

Bahia Amethyst Wand

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This Grand Master is calling for its human guardian. Singing loudly and asking for them to follow him in to the red rays to explore the energy and consciousness of Power. Then into the yellow rays of Personal Power.

Throwing incredible rainbows do not limit this beauty to the standard colour rays of amethyst, he assures me he is capable of exploring them all. Look into the tip of me and you will see me staring back at you.... are you ready because I AM.

Full of coding and etching this stunning, Amethyst Root Crystal is divine. Throwing a wise, strong energy to stir up the depths of power within ones self.

Coming with his own protection pouch that is fully padded and lined, adorned with ribbon and an angel to keep him safe .  Please meet Zim-mel, I am the Portal Keeper of Power . 

This Bahia wand contains phantoms, snowball amethyst , windows, rainbows, coding and etching as well as the normal attributes of Amethyst. 

Amethyst is the Stone of Spirituality and Commitment. 
The Bahia wands are surfaceing and calling those that are ready to do the work. Amethysts purpose is Humility, offering calmness, a sense of protection, and peacefulness. 

Amethyst is a direct connection to  Ascended Master Saint Germain and the Violet flame of Transmutation. Lets Transmute all things of a lower vibration into Love. 

Great for finding the depths of your wisdom, the root of all “dis ease”, Tension, Headaches, Autism, Insomnia, Dyslexia, Epilepsy, Anxiety, Stress, Addiction, Skeletal System, Skin, Teeth, Nervous System, Heart, Digestive Tract, Stomach, Arthritis, The Mind,  and Psychic Development.. 

This little beauty comes from Bahia Brazil . 
Measuring 26cm long and weighing 724.1grams.