Azurite & Malachite Raw Specimen – Earth Vibrations

Azurite & Malachite Raw Specimen

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This excellent Quality Raw Specimen of Azurite and Malachite weighs 207.4 grams, displaying deep blue and velvet green colour rays with plenty of sparkle.

The combination of Azurite and Malachite produce a unique vibration but also include the benefits of each mineral as well. 

Allowing us to be aware of the genesis of time, and in that space to focus on the light within to be reborn, sustained, and absolved, without fear.

A cleansing energy of immutable force described like the "wind in the willows". Forward motion, flexibility and encouraging a fresh outlook upon life, others and self.

Dispelling ego, deceit, arrogance and vanity while encouraging individuality amongst the "All" . Also Dispelling situations and individuals that do not support this process with self.

Calming anxieties based around disease, and allowing balance and stability of the mental and emotional bodies. 

Encouraging positive thoughts, healing of disorder and happiness in spirit.

Azurite holding the secret of the orange flame, womb, and birth/manifestation of life from a space of heart, is not a stone to be taken lightly, if your willing to do the work she is willing to assist.

L 11.5 cm x W 5 cm x H 5.5 cm