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Aurichalcite Raw Specimen

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Something truly rare and special this Aurichalcite, is part of a private collection mined from Ojuela mine in Mapimi Durango Mexico back in the 1980’s. The quality is exceptional, delicate and beyond beautiful. This particular specimen displays calcite as well, weighs 65.1 grams and measures 6cm x 6cm.

Aurichalcite helps to create inner harmony and personal freedom, by the realisation that the only thing to fear is our own minds out of control, the fear of fear itself.

It assists you in the letting go of old negative ways of looking at life, as well as helping to enhance courage and recognise truth.

Aurichalcites vibration aids creativity and original thinking, helping the release of internal conflict.

Assisting in breathe control and changing the breathe rate, bringing balance and control to the heart rate finally bringing much needed support to our endocrine system.

Ridding us of illusion, fear, panic attacks, the loss of self to the darkness, pineal and thalamus issues, abandonment. Perfect for these times one would say 🙏.

I will be slowly releasing part of this private collection to the public as I feel the call luv Kaz.