Assorted Unicorns Small – Earth Vibrations

Assorted Unicorns Small

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Magical & cuteness over load. Who doesn’t love a unicorn. Spreading rainbows and the Magic of hope I feel we could all use a little of their sparkle.

Howlite- stress, calm honest communication, grounding, peace, initiation, growth. 1 only

Rainbow Fluorite- calming the mind, cooling, psychic protection, focus, commitment. 1 only now, clear head now sold thank you 

Lapis Lazuli- realisation, ancient wisdom and knowledge. Sacred texts and remembrance.

Lepidolite- conscious feeling, good fortune, mind and heart balance, reaching goals. 

Opalite- clear thinking, new beginnings, overcoming tiredness, all round healing. 

If you like a specific one please let us know or we will be happy to tune in and choose one for you 0415160026. 
Price per item.