Assorted Crystal Skulls – Earth Vibrations

Assorted Crystal Skulls

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Such good quality and all uniquely different. Measuring approximately 10cm from the base of the skull and over to the chin x 3.5 cm in width and 4 cm high.

Clear Quartz- light, amplification, purpose.

Rose Quartz- love, forgiveness, relationships.

Lapis Lazuli- wisdom, realisation, ancient knowledge.

Tigers Eye- energy, grounding, protection, vitality.

Black Obsidian - shielding, self reflection, grounding.

Carnelian- creativity, manifesting, honour. 

Hematite- spiritual grounding, strength, alignment.

Moss Agate- material wealth, connecting, soothing.

Rhodonite- love, patience, peace, respect.

Red Jasper- nurturing, family, warming, protection.

Amethyst- shielding, calming, spiritual commitment.

Caribbean Calcite- evolution, peace, love, brotherhood.

These beauties are the size of a large hens egg. 
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