Aragonite Cluster – Earth Vibrations

Aragonite Cluster

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 H7cm x L9cm x W8cm .

Aragonite is sometimes commonly referred to as cave coral. These particular specimens come from Mexico, but is more commonly found in Spain.

Aragonite is the best stone for relieving stress and anger, allowing us to ground and centre the self. Perfect for Meditation and accessing information or insight into the basis of our problems.

Encouraging communication with the higher realms, filling us with patience, and helping us feel comfortable in accepting responsibilities here on the Earth plane. Aragonite brings practical and reliable attributes of self to our conscious awareness. Helping us stay disciplined in our every day tasks.  Guides us with time lines and allows us to understand if time is of the essence.

Great for chills, bringing warmth, a spring tonic, aches and pains, skin, vitamin D & A deficiencies, stress, anger, responsibilities, meditation. 

Personally i have placed several of these through my garden to keep a tranquil environment.... I know the fairies love them.