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Aqua Marine & Amazonite, Shell Stretch Bracelet

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This Aquamarine & Amazonite, Shell stretch Bracelet was Lovingly Hand Made and Reiki blessed by Kaz..

Aquamarine is a stone that encourages courage and truth in all things. Stimulating the mind it allows one to have a rapid intellectual response.

Activating and cleansing the throat chakra and ones Aura. Providing emotional and intellectual balance for simplicity.

Connecting us to Ganesha, Arch Angel Raziel, Saint Germaine and all the Gods and Goddesses of the Oceans.

Great for Fluid retention, Glands, Communication, Truth, trust, Simplicity, Public Speaking, Throat, Connecting to the Ocean, Spiritual Development and Teeth/Bones.

Amazonite is a stone that dispels negativity and fear allowing us to step into the empowerment of self. Pacifying, emotionally soothing and allowing us to release our worries.

Soothes and activates all the chakras but in particular it is rejuvenating for the heart and throat. A balancing stone allowing all layers of self to reunite. 

One Size fits all.