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Aqua Aura Macrame Necklaces

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Vibrant yet so soft, these little beauties have a way of gently touching your Soul. These Aqua Aura Macrame Necklaces where lovingly hand made by Kaz and have an adjustable length.

Aqua Aura Quartz is an exceptionally high vibrational stone however is not totally natural. Aqua Aura is Clear Quartz that is placed in a vacuum chamber, Heated, and the mineral Gold is applied in mist formation and absorbed by the Quartz creating its blue colour. 

Aqua Aura therefore holds the vibrations of Clear Quartz, Gold and its own unique vibration.

Aqua Aura is renowned for its ability to first work on our etheric bodies, healing emotional wounding, leaks, attachments and tears. Once it has healed and soothed the aura it then begins to help develop our communication and psychic awareness on all levels.

Activating all chakras, bestowing a sense of calmness and openness, Aqua Aura can guide us to peace within our selves and life.

Supporting Meditation, Healing and Activating all other crystals, why wouldn’t you want some.