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Apricot Stilbite Specimens

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Superman stuff right here but in Super girl colours, check out those apricot hues, harmony hocus-pocus , merry magik at its best....

Apricot Stilbite- can be used to support astro travel. Connecting us to our create and intuitive energies in a loving manner. Allowing guidance to the correct direction in ones experience. 

A calming and loving vibrations so perfect for bringing peace to areas of unrest within self or your environment.

Detoxifying, useful in the treatment of loss of taste, laryngitis, brain disorders, strengthening of ligaments.

Produces a fun environment for gatherings, parties and or reunions.

These Zeolites where sourced from India and are approximately the size of a 50c piece, some of them include other minerals such as Calcite, Heulandite and Cavansite.

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