Apophyllite and Scolecite Cluster – Earth Vibrations

Apophyllite and Scolecite Cluster

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This Combinationation of Scolecite and Green Apophyllite is the perfect combination of being able to remain safe, implant free while receiving and working with outer world beings for healing and channelling.

Scolecite is the crystal to activate and open the patterns, symbols and many forms of communication with other world beings.

Scolecite assists in the creation of cohesiveness in groups, organizations and relationships of all kinds, furthering the "team spirit" attitude. 

Scolecite can assist in accessing the very basis of a problem, by assisting the heart to understand through compassion, which allows the manifestations of a preferred reality. 

Scolecite has been used in the treatment of intestinal disorders, spinal dis-alignment, expelling parasites from the body, eye disorders, cortex and lung issues, blood clots, heart, bruises and wounds.

Green Apophyllite activates the heart chakra to provide a forthright attitude when decision making. It allows one to absorb the energies required from the divine to perfect our own energy.

Stimulating joy, healing on an RNA and DNA level. Assisting in the removal of crystal line implants, Outer world Implants and present day energy control Implants.

Remember Clusters  are great for gathering or group situations.

aprox 13cm in length x 8cm width  x 5cm hieght.