Apatite Bracelets – Earth Vibrations

Apatite Bracelets

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These gemmy Apatite stretch bracelets are one size fits all, great quality and throw a wide variety of blues.

Apatite is here to help us understand how to speak with the Earth.

Encouraging connections to other realms and life forms so that we can balance mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically.

Foresight is definitely a gift that Apatite holds for us, through vision/foresight we can correctly manifest a desired outcome.

Often referred to as the stone of the future Apatite holds a vibration that can clear mental confusion and awaken the inner finer Self.

It is said to be great for eyes,lungs,extremities,choice,planning,intuition, hunger, metabolism,teeth,bones,stuttering,kundalini and foresight.