Angel Aura Rose Quartz Hearts – Earth Vibrations

Angel Aura Rose Quartz Hearts

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 Angel Aura Rose Quartz is Rose Quartz that has been coated in gold and platinum, therefore those properties also apply as well as the following.

Angel Aura brings a lovely harmony of the Angelic realm. It can sooth ones temperament and remove the rough edges from ones aura. Angel Aura highly influences the throat chakra allowing for gentle and soft speech.

A truly gentle stone and highly recommended for the elderly and children.

Rose Quartz is an excellent vibration to spiritually attune us to the vibration of love. Removing anger, jealousy, deceit, stress, fear, guilt, tension it allows us to move into an open hearted space of forgiveness and peacefulness. 

Rose Quartz is placed in city 7 on The Tree of Life and is truly a stone that softens the deepest woundings to allow self love and healing. This vibration is truly need in our world right now and is represented by its animal totem the dog. 

Rose Quartz makes for the perfect all round gift. Blend these two together and what you get is the softness of the Angelic Realms allowing forgiveness and love in the most harmonious manner. Namaste

A - 40.9 grams now sold thank you 

B- 40.0 grams

C- 42.8 grams

D- 43.2 grams

E- 42.5 grams now sold thank you 

F- 44.0 grams

G- 40.1 grams

H- 39.6 grams

I- 37.3 grams

Please don't forget to message us if you have a preference, i will update the list as they sell to let you know what is and isnt available luv kaz 0415160026 or

Each heart is approximately 4.5cm x 4.5cm . 


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