Ancestralite Tumbles – Earth Vibrations

Ancestralite Tumbles

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Ancestralite provides sturdy energy and is used for protection, especially in times of change and chaos.

It can help you explore the past of the Earth and of yourself, but reminding us strongly to stay aware and present. It is in the present “NOW” moment,  that all the action is, so stay present and allow Ancestralite to guide you so as to not miss those amazing adventures and exciting opportunities.

 In times of change and instability, Ancestralite, grounds the flight or fight centre (base) to help us  move forward.

Ancestralite removes old emotions and experiences, and fosters healing and hopeful energy.  helping us to acknowledge aspects of ourselves we might be trying to avoid, and gives us the strength to face them.

Ancestralite is deeply connected to the Earth so when working with it allows us to remember our connection to the Earth itself. When was the last time you laid upon the Earth and allowed her magic to flow through you? Why not let Ancestralite be your guide!  
These beauties have been sourced from Brazil.