Amethyst Skull – Earth Vibrations

Amethyst Skull

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I have acquired 4 Amethyst skulls in my latest purchase and this is the 2 nd largest. Interesting fact is that all 4 have a very special indentation placed at the 3rd eye, coincidence, probs not, but it needed to be pointed out, those that resonated will be drawn. 
Unity of mind & emotion in one Simultaneous action is the healing powers of Crystalline Skull Consciousness. There are 13 skulls buried deep within the Earth assisting us with this very purpose. Amethyst is one of those skulls. 
Supporting truth, loyalty, endurance, contentment, mercy, Love, and Peace.

Amethyst is like receiving a big warm hug. Amethyst being the stone of spirituality and commitment brings a calming, peaceful & serene energy. Amethyst  opening and activating the crown chakra is perfect to protect one against psychic attack, transmuting the lower vibrations into a positive loving energy. 

Encouraging common sense, flexibility in decision making, cooperation and coefficiency between one’s mental, physical, and emotional bodies.

 Weighing 487 grams and measuring 19.5cm from chin over the skull to base x 6cm wide x 8cm .