Amethyst Quartz Clusters with Cacoxenite Large – Earth Vibrations

Amethyst Quartz Clusters with Cacoxenite Large

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These Clusters are High grade Quality from Brazil. Please note these specimens also contain Cacoxenite.  

Amethyst is like receiving a big warm hug. Amethyst being the stone of spirituality and commitment brings a calming, peaceful & serene energy. Amethyst  opening and activating the crown chakra is perfect to protect one against psychic attack, transmuting the lower vibrations into a positive loving energy. 

Encouraging common sense, flexibility in decision making, cooperation and coefficiency between one’s mental, physical, and emotional bodies.

Amethyst is a direct connection to  Ascended Master Saint Germain and the Violet flame of Transmutation. Lets Transmute all things of a lower vibration into love.

Great for Tension, Headaches, Autism, Insomnia, Dyslexia, Epilepsy, Anxiety, Stress, Addiction, Skeletal System, Skin, Teeth, Nervous System, Heart, Digestive Tract, Stomach, Arthritis, The Mind, Psychic Development.. 

Cluster formations brings the "group" energy to an environment or individuals enhancing harmony and peace. Perfect for the family home, office, work place, or any social environment. Cluster formations also hold the ability to help one with endurance and focus during crowd situations or ceremonial practices.  

Cacoxenite when combined with Amethyst provides for a very powerful energy that stimulates the intellect and Spiritualism providing understanding and comprehension of the nuances of the spiritual realms and or religions of the world.

B - L 15cm x W 10cm x H 6cm weight 609.6g

F - L 10cm x W 8.5cm x H 5.5cm weight 679.0g

G - L 11.5cm x W 9.5cm x H4.5cm weight 497.3g