Amethyst Pendulums – Earth Vibrations
Amethyst Pendulums

Amethyst Pendulums

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Pendulums are a fun way to receive yes or no answers for yourself and others. These two Amethyst Pendulums offer very different energies. The dark Amethyst is deep and serious, feels like it could be awesome for chakra work and the lighter Chevron Amethyst is more mystical and playful, feels like it has an Angelic connection.
Amethyst is like receiving a big warm hug. Amethyst being the stone of spirituality and commitment brings a calming, peaceful & serene energy. Amethyst  opening and activating the crown chakra is perfect to protect one against psychic attack, transmuting the lower vibrations into a positive loving energy. 

Encouraging common sense, flexibility in decision making, cooperation and coefficiency between one’s mental, physical, and emotional bodies.