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Amethyst Palm Stones

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These Amethyst Palm Stones are Chevron Amethyst, displaying a good depth of colour and banding weighing from 101 grams to 125 grams.

Wearing Amethyst is like receiving a big warm hug. Amethyst being the stone of spirituality and commitment brings a calming, peaceful & serene energy to the wearer. 

Amethyst  opening and activating the crown chakra is perfect to protect one against psychic attack, transmuting the lower vibrations into a positive loving energy. 

Encouraging common sense, flexibility in decision making, cooperation and coefficiency between one’s mental, physical, and emotional bodies.

It has been said that Amethyst has been used successfully to provide for abstinence of alcohol, addicted substances, addictive personalities, debating, hearing disorders, the skeletal system, sympathetic nervous system, endocrine glands, digestive track, heart, stomach,skin, insomnia, arthritis, pain, headaches, stress and teeth.