Amethyst Elestial Point XL – Earth Vibrations

Amethyst Elestial Point XL

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Assisting in the overcoming of emotional burdens by aligning the Mother (heart) and the Father (head) so one can recognize the love, power and wisdom of the family(crystalline structure within our blood) to be a full conscious being. 

Elestials carry the inherent memory of what was in existence before the development of humanity. By using your index finger and stroking the etching and layers during meditation it is said one can access universal wisdom, and the translation of that wisdom. 

Encouraging Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience, it is truly a formation that supports development. 
Amethyst is the stone of Spirituality and Commitment. 

This piece is heavy weighing 2.485 kgs, measuring L 21cm x C 35.5cm. The etching is strong and the polished point hold a great depth of colour. The country of origin is Brazil.